Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This makes me happy

While looking through the events and activities column on Craig's list for this weekend I found this little gem and it made me so happy I would like to share it.

Basically the caption said something to the effect of walking buddy wanted (humming OK)

Want a friendly, traveled and communicative someone to help you get out and walk? Doctor has laid down the law for me – 40 minutes a day, period. No excuses. So I’ve been walking the beautiful, level, quiet and wood-chipped Glendoveer walking path (NE Glisan and about 140th) and often see other single seniors like myself who might enjoy company. Let’s walk together! I try to go between noon and two p.m., the brightest part of the day (and thus most effective for raising spirits, I’m told). In fact, it’s such a beautiful place I’ve even found myself singing.
Wouldn’t it be fun to sing together with only the squirrels to complain?

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