Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kidder in the snow... sigh.

Craig posted these pictures that he took of Kidder Creek in the snow, and it just melted my heart. I love those apple trees.

This makes me happy

While looking through the events and activities column on Craig's list for this weekend I found this little gem and it made me so happy I would like to share it.

Basically the caption said something to the effect of walking buddy wanted (humming OK)

Want a friendly, traveled and communicative someone to help you get out and walk? Doctor has laid down the law for me – 40 minutes a day, period. No excuses. So I’ve been walking the beautiful, level, quiet and wood-chipped Glendoveer walking path (NE Glisan and about 140th) and often see other single seniors like myself who might enjoy company. Let’s walk together! I try to go between noon and two p.m., the brightest part of the day (and thus most effective for raising spirits, I’m told). In fact, it’s such a beautiful place I’ve even found myself singing.
Wouldn’t it be fun to sing together with only the squirrels to complain?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Sound Of My SOUL

OK so maybe my soul can only aspire to sound as gratifying as the Fleet Foxes... Dan and I attended Music fest NW and saw these boys live, it was amazing, the bands that opened for them made noise that filled the room (some of it was pleasing noise) but the FF constricted my insides and engulfed the air with jubilation. I'm pretty sure that anyone who sees this band live and doesn't fall in love with life while listening is probably at least mostly dead.

On a completely unrelated new favorite word = Pulchritudinous -
beautiful - delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration; "a beautiful child"; "beautiful country"; "a beautiful painting"; "a beautiful theory"; "a beautiful night"

I think it is lovely.

I'm going to see baby animals in the morning. My life is amazing.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Perfect home for 2

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of home in the last few months. I have said with tears in my eyes time and time again that since my parents divorce and the selling of our house that I feel like I can never go home again... it doesn't exist. It is easy for everyone to tell me home is where your family is... but my family unit doesn't exist anymore either. I know I'm being negative and wallowing in how impossible it is to have my too perfect dipped in nostalgia version of how my family would have been if we could have stayed together, but that really doesn't exist either (it isn't even close to accurate) I love my family. that feeling is home. I'm happy in my apartment with my roommates for the last 2 years. that is home. I enjoy the people I work with @ Z-Gallerie (we have been family for 3 years now) Home. I love my boyfriend because he shows me new ways to look at the world everyday. Home.

Because home is wherever and whatever I want it to be I would like to take it on a tour of sorts. There is a lot of work to be done in this life, there is a lot of this world I have never seen and touched. I want to make every place home. I have been thinking that it would be fun to live in a teardrop trailer it has just enough room for two people and I could tow it with my station wagon. It is a dream that my parents had many years ago and we used to laugh at them for it... But now I see the beauty of such an adventure... now I get it... I'm going to make it happen one of these days, who would like to come?

Monday, August 4, 2008

david byrne is so jiggy

I love this man.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


When I was a child I listened to the radio every night tuned in to our squeeky clean and super relaxing local oldies radio station... to keep me from having nightmares. It ususally worked unless Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) came on... that song is so sad that it terrified me, I remember laying stiff as a board petrified to move or breath while listening to the haunting violins, I was always hugely relieved when it was over and the Beach boys were back to singing me sweet vapid lullabies. This morning while cleaning the kitchen I busted out the Beatles #1 album and found that it felt like facing my fear for the first time... I love Elenore Rigby now but it still sends a chill down my spine that reminds me how silly all of my currant fears must be....Sigh*

Friday, July 18, 2008


I worked all day with girls that I like, went to the movies with Amy (one of two awesome roommates that I have lived with for the past 2 years) came home ate a ham sandwich with a tall cold glass of Ovaltine, there is a roof over my head and $25 in my bank account. I lay in the dark writing this in my own personal sanctuary I am safe and sleepy. Everyday I dwell on what could have been better... or how things could have been different if I had just ______. I need to let go of all of that, and let myself enjoy every gift, and be just as happy as I am laying here with my afghan and the subtle lull of the fan. I am so fortunate.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The horse project.

It all started with an artist named Scott Wayne Indiana. He knew about the horse rings in many Portland sidewalks and thought it was a shame that we don't tie our horses to them anymore. Scott decided to change that and tied his first pony to a horse ring in the fall of 2005 in the revitalized Pearl District in Northwest Portland. After a few months, he expanded the horse project and asked for some help. Now these horses are showing up all over. You can find them in most parts of Portland now.OK I want to start by saying that I LOVE Portland... I had been wondering about the cute little horses on Mississippi ave, and this is a way better explanation than I could have come up with on my own. more horse pics @

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Believers

Fever Theater's New Believers is a continuation of work begun in January with their show Believers. While Believers examined cult behavior in a fairly straightforward fashion, the new show takes a more abstract approach to the broader questions of why people need to believe in things, and why they believe the things that they do.-Alison Hallett (Portland Mercury)

(I saw this show last night and in my opinion) New Believers is a lively interactive glance into a new world where the familiar becomes the obscure and commonplace objects become magic. I was unsure about this play at first I have never been to such a nontraditional show and was weary of the lack of costumes, sets and heavy dependence on a confusing abstract script. I was pleasantly surprised by the show’s somber tone with sudden flavors of, anger, insanity, joy, sadness, and humor. I found myself running through the full gamut of emotions. At many points I had no idea what was going on in the plot but the beauty of this show was that (like any good abstract art) it speaks to everyone in a different way and in that way becomes something very personalized and dear.
There are lots of interactions between cast and audience that bring you into the show’s lap. I found myself part of the action and on my toes confused but curious about what would come next. Even in the subtlest moments I was never bored or disappointed. The magic of this show is fueled by the wonderfully odd cast, their full commitment to each step, movement and line, made me care about what was going to happen even when I didn’t know what was going on.
Sets and costumes although minimalist where appropriate, to set the proper mood. The use of sounds, did more for the setting than any amount of set dressing, expensive costuming and lighting could have ever done for a show like this.
I was skeptical at first but left the theater with a light and perplexed feeling as if I needed to adjust back to normal life after spending a few hours in someone else’s dream. I loved this show. It was fun and engrossing it was art and it was emotional, I was moved by it.

For more info on this and other Fever Theater shows visit

New Believers

Fever Theater at the Casket, 403 NW 5th, 381-6814, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, through July 5 (no show on July 4), $10-15 (Thurs pay what you will)