Sunday, July 27, 2008


When I was a child I listened to the radio every night tuned in to our squeeky clean and super relaxing local oldies radio station... to keep me from having nightmares. It ususally worked unless Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) came on... that song is so sad that it terrified me, I remember laying stiff as a board petrified to move or breath while listening to the haunting violins, I was always hugely relieved when it was over and the Beach boys were back to singing me sweet vapid lullabies. This morning while cleaning the kitchen I busted out the Beatles #1 album and found that it felt like facing my fear for the first time... I love Elenore Rigby now but it still sends a chill down my spine that reminds me how silly all of my currant fears must be....Sigh*

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